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Over the years, fans have argued over whether it was Freddie’s last song, with band members and studio technicians contradicting each other. The Queen Studio Experience in Montreux, where the last recordings were made, will be opened to the public for the first time on Saturday 30 April, on the occasion of World AIDS Day. Admission to the Queen’s Studio is free and fans are asked to donate to a charity set up in memory of Freddie, the singer who died in November 1991 from pneumonia caused by AIDS. 

When Paul McCartney wrote „Let’s Be,” he sent Aretha an acetate demo to record, knowing that she was outpacing him. When the label scanned old boxes of reels, Shirley Smith said: „It was hoped they were taken between 13 and 16 May 1991, but the date was not always written down.

As a child in Liverpool, the Beatles heard the sophistication and urgency of American music that inspired everything they did. The Beatles „music has always been steeped in American R & B, and we have always played and strived to live up to the spirit and dark soul of the original.

When Aretha became an overnight sensation in 1967, she was already a star, and the Beatles worshipped her like everyone else who loved music. When we sing a Beatles song, we get to the point: 'I’ve never loved a man, but I’m always grateful for a woman. 

Simply put, it’s one of the most original Beatle covers, the one that improves most of the originals and defines everything the song is about.

Anyone who heard Aretha burn „Long Winding Road” in her version of „Young and Gifted and Black” probably heard it in some way. 

Paul McCartney sent a demo to Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records with the idea that if he could write a song for them, they would record it themselves. Aretha’s „Let’s Be” was released the same year the Beatles released their version as a single. The single, which reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, was also a tribute to the pathos and compassion of the original, but it felt more like a cover than a song of its own.